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The Pig Pen is a community for the open exchange of sex-positive creativity, education, playfulness, and communication. As a 501c(7) social club, we are organized for the enjoyment of our members. We serve our members by offering  a variety of events that appeal to a broad spectrum of the kink community.

Mr. Midnight & Mx. Scarlet are the founders  of The Pig Pen. The two of them, along withfive  thoughtful, welcoming and open-minded pigs known as the  “Key Holders,”  maintain the cleanliness and safety of our play space. The seven of them are the only
ones that have keys to the Pig Pen. The Pig Pen is closed to the public on Fridays.

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The Pig Pen Founders

                     Daddy Scarlet

                     Sir Nightshade


The Key Holders                                    

hanky row2.png

Lady Lavender & Lil' Plum

Mx. Greene

Colonel Mustard

Mx. Peacock

Mr. Snow

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Stay Wet is our signature 24hr lasting personal lubricant (patent pending). This lube  is available for use exclusively inside The Pig Pen.

This lube is not yet available for retail.

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